Services and/or Products

This is a very important section and you should be very thorough in discussing your products. After all they're what pay the bills, keep the lights on and bring the customers back. Feel free to include any extra information in this section or the appendix; such as product sketches, visual description of services and manufacturing contracts.

Things To Consider

  1. Are you offering a service or creating a product?

  2. What will the manufacturing processes be?

  3. How much will you charge for each of your offerings?

  4. What time, assets and processes will go into performing your service?

  5. What are your costs per unit (CPU) and profits per unit (PPU)?

Writing This Section

You'll want to begin by discussing your offerings in greater detail and covering the issues raised above. When discussing a product start with why it is needed, how you will manufacture it, what the per/unit costs are and how much you can expect to sell them for (include sales commissions in your expenses).

If your business is primarily service based, several of the topics listed above will still apply. You'll also want to consider where you will perform those services, how you'll charge people (flat rate or per hour), how you're going to bill them and what's going to occur.

Remember, if you're having a hard time coming up with ideas or you're not sure how to format the section, you can refer our Sample Business Plan Template Here.